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Reusable Car Masking Cover, big

[Item-No.: MC150]

Masking your car can be done easier, at lower costs and you can save the environment at the same time. Test our two different masking covers for cars. They are easy to handle and enable you to uncover small parts of the car that need to be painted. The ongoing Velcro on both sides of the masking cover guarantees a dense closure and therefore protection against overspray.

Important: The Velcro fasteners must be opened to put on and before removing the cover. The exposed areas are masked with a little masking paper, the vehicle is protected!


  • reusable
  • for bigger-classed cars
  • with Velcro
  • fleece coated with aluminum on both sides
  • can be closed absolutely tightly
  • antistatic
  • silicone-free
  • tear-resistant
  • impermeable to paint mist & dust
  • heat-resistant up to 140 °C.
  • can be cleaned with compressed air
  • can be specified up to 350 times
  • Dimensions: l: 6,40 m x w: 4,40 m
  • Unit: 1 piece