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About us

With over 30 years of experience in the painting and automotive industries, we have introduced numerous innovations in these sectors. Quality and service are our top priorities.

To name just a few examples, these include:

  • Painting caps
  • Knee pads in paint suits
  • Max-Air back and sidewing arm vents
  • adjustable waist elastic
  • use of microfiber in painting suits
  • lint and jet needle sets in the automotive industry
  • use of reusable car and truck covers


Our company philosophy is to learn from practical experience to improve existing products or develop new products. Share your experience with us!

Since 2004 Wibeco also manufactures and sells products from the field:

  • Painting Clothing
  • Gloves
  • Painting Accessories
  • Machines
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • Workshop Equipment

Sustainability in our company

Every company has the responsibility to protect the environment and resources. For this reason, we try to minimize the ecological footprint of our company and to work sustainably in all areas.

In our logistics department, numerous customer orders are picked and professionally packed by our shipping staff every day. Here, we rely on sustainable filling material made of paper to protect our goods during transport. When selecting our packaging materials, we make sure that they are precisely coordinated with our articles. This ensures that our packaging is ideally filled (CO2 emissions per package). Our warehouse structure is set up in such a way that trips with our industrial trucks could be reduced to a minimum.

With regard to the range of articles, we are increasingly relying on reusable products and are also endeavoring to demonstrate the advantages of reusable products to our customers. Our paint overalls and covers for cars and trucks are reusable products. The covers can be reused at least 350 times. This has already saved vast amounts of masking film and masking paper in workshops since 1984. But our paint overalls can also be used at least 200 times, usually even more. To shorten transport distances, we cooperate as far as possible with regional suppliers.

Sustainability is an important issue for us. Through responsible business practices, we try to integrate not only economic aspects but also social and ecological factors into our actions. We see this not only as a challenge, but also as a great opportunity.